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Online Workshops and Resources

Can’t visit the Career Center during office hours? No problem! Use the online workshops, presentations, videos and handouts in our "Virtual Career Center." Find a job, practice your interviewing skills, polish your resume and more.

Online Resource Powerpoint PDF
Overview of Services     Download


Online Resource PDF Video
Work-Study Orientation  Download PDF  
Work-Study Students  Download PDF  
Work-Study Off Campus Employer  Download PDF  
Work-Study On Campus Employer  Download PDF  
Work-Study: How to Login & Search for a Job    View Video
Work-Study: How to Apply for a Work-Study Job     View Video
Work-Study: Preparing for your Interview     View Video
Work-Study: Getting Hired!    View Video


Online Resource PDF Video
Resume Handouts   Download PDF  
Action Verbs  Download PDF  
Resume Sample (Engineering)   Download PDF  
Resume Sample (Marketing)  Download PDF  
Resume Sample (Biology)  Download PDF  
Resume Sample (Humanities)  Download PDF  


Online Resource PDF Video
Preparing for an Interview  Download  
Interview Questions  Download  
Interview Quiz  Download  
Mock Interview Rubric: Rate your performance  Download  
Ace the Interview  Download  
Interview Skills Handout  Download  
Behavioral Based Interview Handout  Download  
Basic Conversation Skills  Download  


Online Resource PDF Video
30 Second Pitch (undergrad student version)  Download  
30 Second Pitch (graduate student version)  Download  
30 Second Pitch (CNAS student version)  Download  
Business Attire: What to wear  Download  
Business Networking    
Making Professional Connections: Places to go    


Online Resource PDF Video
Career and Job Search Websites  Download  
My Job Search Network  Download  
Federal job listings and information  Download  


Online Resource PDF Video
Internships  Download  


Online Resource PDF
Alumni Handout  Download
Career Assessments Handout  Download
Career Fair Cheat Sheet  Download
Cover Letter Handout  Download
Dining Etiquette Handout  Download
Federal Work-Study Handout  Download
Graduate School Handout  Download
Informational Interviews Handout  Download
Internship Handout  Download
Interview Skills Handout  Download
Law School Guide Handout  Download
Networking Your Way to a Job Handout  Download
On-Campus Interviews Handout  Download
Overview of Career Center Services Handout  Download
Professional Etiquette  Download
Resume Handout  Download
Salary Negotiation Handout  Download
Teaching Preparation Guide  Download
Volunteer Resources Handout  Download
What Is ONET? Handout  Download


Online Resource PDF
Ace the Interview  Download
Choosing a Major  Download
Cover Letter Writing  Download
Dining Etiquette   Download
How Not to Get Fired  Download
How to Prepare for a Virtual Career Fair  Download
How to Work a Career Fair Room  Download
How to Make a Great Impression at a Career Fair  Download
Interviewing for Introverts  Download
Mastering LinkedIn  Download
Maximize Your Internship  Download
Networking Your Way to a Job  Download
Nuts and Bolts of Internship  Download
Overview of Services  Download
Part-Time Job Search  Download
Resume Writing  Download
Technical Resume Writing/Interviewing  Download
To Be or Not to Be: Grad & Prof School Edition  Download
Where Are the Jobs  Download
What's My Worth: Salary Negotiation  Download
Work-Study Orientation  Download


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