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Grow with Google

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What is Grow with Google?

This initiative helps college students develop entrepreneurship skills, digital skills, and the resources they need to find and secure jobs/internships which can help them build successful careers. This self-paced program is free to all students at UCR. Students who complete one learning path are eligible to receive a $15 Barnes and Noble gift card at the Career Center. Learn about the five learning paths down below:

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Five Learning Paths

  • Build Your Digital Skills

    Are you interested in increasing your productivity at work and class?  


    This learning path you will explore a variety of Google digital tools and how they can be used to increase productivity.  You learn to track your monthly expenses and write effective email communication. The lessons in this path are designed for students who are new to Google Docs, Google Drive, and Google Calendar.

  • Explore Career Paths

    Are you unsure of which career path to pursue? 


    This learning path you will research potential career paths to distinguish which career might be right for you. You will develop a career and networking plan to find a job in your desired field. The lessons in this path will also explain more information about Google Career Certifications.

  • Land a Great Job

    Are you looking for a job or an internship?


    This learning path you will create an effective job search, resume, and cover letter that can leverage your college experience. You will establish strategies to stand out in interviews and convey your personal brand to prospective employers. The lessons in this path will also discuss ways to build your online presence and expand your network.

  • Succeed at Your New Job

    Do you want to make a great impression?


    This learning path you will practice running efficient meetings, managing projects, and delivering presentations. You will learn to overcome imposter syndrome and design an engaging presentation and compelling project plan. The lessons in this path will also illustrate the prepare, practice, and perform approach to reduce presentation anxiety. 

  • Start your own business

    Do you want learn how to launch your own business?  


    This learning path you will identify business opportunities, learn how to write a business plan, and  estimate the financing you will need to create your own business. You will understand how to invent an online business. The lessons in this path will also address the unconscious biases and systemic barriers that might impact you. 

Video Tutorial

Check out the video to learn how to create your account. Alternatively, we also have written instructions. If you have any questions or have trouble creating an account, please email Guadalupe Saldivar, HSI Grow with Google Campus Lead at

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Complete Learning Path(s)

Upon completion, identify a mentor you’d like to discuss your learning with. This could be an academic advisor, career counselor, program advisor, faculty member, graduate assistant, or mentor. Grow with Google is also hosting online office hours where students can schedule a meeting to discuss their learning and fill out their completion form.

After meeting with them, download, print, and sign this HSI Career Readiness Program Learning Path Completion Form and turn it in to the Career Center to pick up a $15 Barnes & Noble gift card!*

*While supplies last; first come, first served; 1 gift card per currently enrolled UCR student.

To schedule a meeting to learn more, please click here.