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R'Professional Photo Booth

R' Professional Photo Booth
The R’Professional Photo Booth is now open at the Career Center starting May 8, 2023! 

We are pleased to announce that through the generous donation of Enterprise Holdings, the Career Center will be launching our very own R’Professional Photo Booth for our students to use for professional headshots. The R’Professional Photo Booth will be hosted at the UCR Career Center, and will be available as a drop-in service beginning Monday, May 8th.


Drop-In Hours 

Monday - Friday, 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM 

Career Center (1st Floor Bookstore) 


How it Works 

Students do not need an appointment, but can come to the Career Center and check-in with our front desk during drop-in hours. Students will be directed to the R’Professional Photo Booth station, and will have up to 10 minutes to complete their session. This station will have self-serve instructions provided.  

The R’Professional Photo Booth provides background options and some basic editing tools such as filters, crops, and margin colors. Students will be given the option to scan their images to their phone, email the images to themselves, or even share them on social media.  

Student group requests will be made available at a later date. For large groups, virtual booth links are a great option and can be made available by request only. Students can take headshots through any device: iOS, Android, or even a laptop without needing to install any software.  


How to Prepare 

This is a professional photo booth, so we do recommend to dress in a way that will make you feel good and look professional. Golden rule is that you want to “dress for the job you want.” So whether you see yourself in a business professional, business casual, or smart casual-wear environment, you want to dress in a way that feels authentically you and matches your brand, but also meets some basic guidelines.  

Since you are taking headshots, here are some tips for how to prep for your photo session: 

  • Wear colors that compliment your eye color, skin tone, and hair color. 
  • Choose outfits that have simple colors or patterns and are less likely to clash with your background.  
  • Don’t go crazy with accessories. Keep them small and simple. If it is bold, make sure it ties in with your brand.  
  • Be mindful that if you wear glasses, you may need to remove them for your session as there may be a glare with the ring light. 
  • Don’t have a suit or blazer? We’ve got you covered at the R’Professional Career Closet. We will also have a couple blazers available in the R’Professional Photo Booth station to use during your session to spruce up your outfit. 


During your Session 

Here are some different additional tips for how to make the most of your photo session:  

  • Choose a background that compliments your outfit, eye color, skin tone, and hair color.  
  • Try different poses. Some options could include leaning towards the camera, trying different angles with your shoulders, chin and tilting your head, or pushing your chin forward and down. 
  • Look directly at the camera, and be genuine in your expressions. Try and conjure up real emotions, funny moments, or things that make you happy.  


What to Know 

  • The R’Professional Photo Booth equipment is not available to be loaned out to campus partners or student organizations. 
  • The R’Professional Photo Booth is to be used for professional photos only.  

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