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Internship Program

Internship Program

**Reminder: Effective 1/1/24, the CA minimum wage rates for all employers will increase to $16.00 based on inflation regardless of number of employees at the organization. Read more HERE.

Posting an Internship is Free!

Posting internship listings at the University of California, Riverside is free. Internship listings are available 24 hours a day to the student population online via our password-protected UCR Handshake site. Opportunities posted are exclusively for UCR students and UC alumni.

Purpose of the Internship Program

The purpose of the Internship Program at the University of California, Riverside is to facilitate student learning opportunities outside the classroom. These experiences provide the opportunity to apply classroom theory to "real world" situations thus enhancing the students’ academic and career goals.
The partnerships developed between the employer, the university and the student have proven beneficial to all concerned. The program is a valuable source for completing special or temporary projects and potentially filling permanent positions. Our students are dedicated, bright and highly motivated. Many employers tell us that students bring new ideas and fresh insights to the workplace.

Benefits to Employers

  • Employers have found the program to offer the following benefits:
  • Interns are a great resource for one-time projects.
  • Interns provide completion of special projects and fill the gap during peak workloads.
  • Interns perform fundamental tasks freeing permanent employees to do more advanced or higher-priority work.
  • Interns are great public relations agents; students can have a positive effect on future recruiting and hiring efforts.
  • Interns can complement the organizational or corporate goals that focus on community involvement.
  • Interns are often recruited to career positions reducing recruitment costs and lowering training costs.

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For more information, please contact our Employer Relations Team or call (951) 827-3631.

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