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Recruiting Policies

Recruiting Policies


The UCR Handshake site at UC Riverside is for the listing of bona fide full-time, part-time, intern, seasonal, short-term, neighborhood jobs, and local on-site community service positions by small and large businesses, government agencies, nonprofit organizations, households and individuals who adhere to Equal Employment Opportunity regulations. A bona fide position is defined as an opportunity that is salaried and does not require the candidate to pay a fee for training or other job-related expenses. Positions which are entrepreneurial, unpaid campus ambassadors, solely offer stock options, request donations, fees, investments or are items or services for sale will be declined on UCR Handshake. International postings must be paid and require no fees.  

Employer profiles on UCR Handshake must contain a functioning website (in English or with an English option), complete street address, and phone number. Users within a profile must have e-mail addresses that are affiliated with the organization. 

  • Third party employers and staffing agencies

    Third Party Employers and Staffing Agencies must identify themselves as such in their UCR Handshake profile and in each job posting. The Career Center defines third party recruiters as agencies, organizations, or individuals recruiting candidates for temporary, part-time, or full-time employment opportunities for other organizations rather than for internal positions. Examples are employment agencies, search firms, contract recruiters, venture capital firms acting on behalf of their portfolio companies, and online job postings or resume referral services. See more at NACE Principles for Professional Practice.  

    The following guidelines should be met: 

    • Positions must be for a specific opening, although the name of the employer does not need to be disclosed. 
    • Postings cannot contain links to websites to advertise your company or website, your job posting area, or encourage the student to e-mail for other openings or details. 
    • Only release candidate information provided to the identified employer in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Re-disclosure of candidate information to any other parties is not permitted. 

    Failure to abide by these requirements will result in loss of access to Career Center services. 

  • Start-ups

    Start-ups must be able to: 

    • Provide a company name, business address, website, and e-mail address. 
    • Confirm that they have the necessary business licenses and Tax ID’s if requested. 
    • Offer positions for pay, not solely for equity. 
    • Provide clearly defined organization and position descriptions in UCR Handshake. 

    Organizations who do not currently meet these guidelines can reach out to the Career Center for access to services after the qualifications are met. 

  • Commission-based positions

    Commission-based positions may be posted on UCR Handshake provided that the employer meet the following guidelines: 

    • Employers must disclose that compensation is based partially or solely on commission. 
    • Training and/or materials must not require the payment of non-refundable fees. 
    • The recruitment of others must not be a requirement for any part of compensation. 
    • Part-time and internship positions must not have a salary that is 100% commission. 
  • Cannabis Industry

    The UCR Career Center will not accept companies or positions involved with the use, growth, production, processing, or sale of cannabis. As the use of marijuana is illegal at the federal level and UCR receives federal funds, we must comply with federal law.

  • Reservations

    We reserve the right to refuse service to employers at the discretion of the Career Center due to any objectionable activities, including, but not limited to: requiring at the time of application personal information such as bank and social security numbers; misrepresentation by dishonest information or absence of information; student complaints; fraud; harassment of UC Riverside students, alumni, or staff; breach of confidentiality as required by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA); failure to adhere to UC Riverside Career Center policies or any violation of University of California, local, state, or federal laws.   

    We reserve the right to make exceptions to our policies for situations we deem to be acceptable and beneficial to our students, our department, or recruiters using our service. Such exceptions will be considered on a case by case basis, and do not constitute a change in policy, or a decision that this exception will be made again in the future. 

Equal Opportunity Employment Affirmation


Non-Discrimination Policy Statement: 

The University of California, Riverside, Career Center does not make its interviewing facilities and online job listing services available to employers who unlawfully discriminate in the selection of employees on the basis of age, national origin, race, religion, sexual orientation, disability or any other basis prohibited by applicable local, state and federal laws. We reserve the right to refuse service to employers due to any violation of University of California rules and regulations. We reserve the right to refuse UCR Handshake access at UCR to employers requiring at the time of application personal information such as back and social security numbers; misrepresentation by dishonest information or absence of information; fraud; harassment of students, alumni, or staff; breach of confidentiality; and failure to adhere to stated policies.

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