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Recruit on Campus

Keep Your Brand Visible with Tomorrow’s Decision Makers

We know you have many options to consider when selecting universities to recruit from. However, we would like you to consider the following reasons to recruit at UC Riverside.

  • An elite student body of 26,000+ students representing the top 12 public universities in the U.S. (Money Magazine, 2020), and the top 1 percent of universities worldwide (2019-2020 Center for World University rankings). 
  • A university of distinction and diversity - UC Riverside is currently ranked #1 in the nation for advancing Social Mobility (U.S. News and World Report, 2020), enrolling more students who receive Pell Grants than nearly every university in the country — and more than the entire Ivy League combined.  
  • A diverse, inclusive, and globally focused research institution offering over 80 Bachelor’s, 55 Master’s and 42 Ph.D. programs.   

Having a campus strategy where students understand your brand, your values and why your company is a good match is key. Some of the ways that you can do that at UCR include posting a job, attending Career Fairs, or hiring an Intern. Are you a nonprofit organization? If so, consider our Federal Work-Study Program. These are all great cost-effective ways to reach tomorrow’s decision-makers.

Ways to recruit UCR Talent:

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Students & Alumni: Click to Log into Handshake via CAS or (netid) Account

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What does it offer my company?

Gain access to a pool of highly-educated, diverse, motivated, prospective employees. Communicate information about your brand and values to UC Riverside Students. Whatever your organization's hiring needs, from graduating students seeking Full-Time career positions to current students interested in Part-Time or Internship Opportunities, UCR students form a resource not to be overlooked.

How do I post a job?

Posting job and internship listings at the University of California, Riverside is free. Click on the Employer log in button under the UCR Handshake icon on the right of any Career Center page. Job and internship listings are available 24 hours a day to the student population online via our password-protected UCR Handshake site. Opportunities posted are exclusively for UCR students and UC alumni.

To use UCR's job posting service, UCR Handshake, you need to register if you haven't done so already. The process is quick and easy: click the Employer Log In link (found to the top right of every employer-related screen), select "Sign up for an account". Soon after you register, you will receive a confirmation email providing login information.

Post a Job

What does it offer my company?

Our Career Center will be utilizing Handshake to offer virtual career fairs. We have tailored our virtual career fairs to allow for a more targeted and meaningful experience for our employers and students. Here you will find options ranging from Engineering and Technical Careers, Teaching, Business, Graduate and Professional Schools, Public Service and Social Impact Careers, and more!  At every Fair, our students connect with employers, find jobs and come to understand where their education can best contribute in the workforce. We’re proud of the impressive array of employers from all over the country that have a footprint at our career fairs.  

How do I participate in a Career Fair?

To Register: Visit our Career Fair page for a complete list of upcoming fairs and don’t miss out on the early bird registration deadlines.  

What does it offer my company?

Hosting a virtual information session is one of the easiest ways to attract students and establish a corporate presence on campus. These events help you provide students with information about career opportunities in your organization and enable students to ask questions in an informal manner. These information sessions can be exceptionally successful when done in partnership with student organizations, a featured alumni from your organization, or prior to virtual “campus” interviews. 

What does this include?

Virtual information sessions may be scheduled for 60-minute sessions with optional space for networking post-event. This service includes coordination and promotion of your event via Handshake and our social media platforms, as well as a dedicated host the day of your event.  

How do I get started?

Contact our Industry Outreach Specialists for a consultation regarding your recruitment needs. If you would like to proceed with requesting an information session, please complete this Employer Engagement Form to get started. 

Virtual information sessions are typically held at the noon hour or in the early evening between 4 and 7 PM. The fee is $200 for private organizations, and $100 for non-profits, government agencies, and start-ups. After 5 PM, sessions will be assessed an additional $50 per hour.

What does it offer my company?

If you are looking to informally network with students and answer questions about your company and opportunities, you may want to consider the Virtual Meet Ups option which provides a friendly space for you to build your brand and connect with your target populations. 

What does this include? 

Virtual Meet Ups may be scheduled for 60-minutes and can be designed in whatever format you see fit (ie. Breakout rooms, presentation/no presentation, etc). This service includes coordination and promotion of your event via Handshake and our social media platforms, as well as a dedicated host the day of your event.   

How do I get started? 

Contact our Industry Outreach Specialists for a consultation regarding your recruitment needs. If you would like to proceed with requesting a virtual meet up, please complete this Employer Engagement Form to get started.  

The fee is $150 for private organizations, and $100 for non-profits, government agencies, and start-ups. After 5 PM, sessions will be assessed an additional $50 per hour. 

What does it offer my company?

The Virtual “Campus” Recruiting Program is a great cost-effective way to meet our top students, get to know our UCR community, and project your brand. Virtual interviews include promotion and the coordination of interviews, while you have the flexibility of hosting your interviews through your own platform of choice. Choose from 4 Preselect or Open template options at no cost. Reserve your date as soon as possible as schedules fill up fast. 

How do I Schedule a Virtual "Campus" Interview?

You can schedule virtual “campus” interviews during fall, winter and spring quarters. Available dates for the academic year can be viewed below. To reserve a date, indicate your virtual “campus” interview preference through this Employer and Graduate School Engagement Form. Employer information sessions may be arranged in advance to support virtual “campus” interviews. 

Fall 2021:  September 20 - December 2 
Winter 2022:  January 18 – March 10 
Spring 2022:  April 4 – June 2 

Interview Schedules

This program is reserved for employers looking to fill full-time career positions or full-time paid internships. 

There are four primary ways to meet with students:
  • Pre-Select - Screen resumes and invite only those students that you select.
  • Open Sign-Up – Establish base level qualifications and eligible students sign-up.
  • Room Only – (Unavailable during Fall 2021) Already identified students at a career fair or via other means and you just need a private place to interview.

Schedule a Virtual Interview Date

What does it offer my company?

The partnerships developed between the employer, the university and the student has proven beneficial to all concerned. The program is a valuable source for completing special or temporary projects and potentially filling permanent positions. Our students are dedicated, bright and highly motivated. Many employers tell us that the students bring new ideas and fresh insights to the workplace. Employers have found the program to offer a great resource for one-time projects; providing completion of special projects or simply complement the organizational or corporate goals that focus on community involvement. Interns are often recruited to career positions reducing recruitment costs and lowering training costs. 

How do I get started?



An internship is generally a short-term learning experience and can be offered in-person or remote. The most popular type of internship is part-time, 10 to 20 hours per week during the academic year. This schedule allows a student to continue with course work during the internship. Summer is the preferred time for a full-time internship. A well-designed internship will provide students with professionally-oriented activities that will enable them to experience work similar to that of a new entrant in the field. Clerical or non-professional tasks must be limited to 20% or less of the overall responsibilities. Internships can be paid or non-paid. Most for-profit businesses will find it to their advantage to offer paid internship positions, particularly with regard to state and federal labor regulations. 

For additional resources on developing an internship program, please visit our Internship Programs webpage


Looking for a low commitment on-ramp opportunity to provide hands-on professional experience for students? Is your team overloaded with projects? Then, you will want to explore the opportunity to host a micro-intern in-person or remotely through Parker Dewey, a platform which matches UCR students to short-term professional projects from employers all across the country. 
To learn more, visit Parker Dewey’s website at  

Cooperative Education

Cooperative Education experiences are similar to internships with respect to providing students with work experience that both enhances their academic progress and increases their employability upon graduation. 

Cooperative Education typically requires a greater time commitment than an internship does. Students may alternate periods of full-time work with full-time classroom study, or they may work part-time for two or more academic quarters while also attending classes. Co-op students are always paid for their services. 

Academic Credit

At UCR, students have the choice of applying for academic credit or doing the internship simply for professional development. With either an internship or co-op, UCR has mechanisms in place where eligible students may earn academic credit. Internships and co-ops for academic credit require a faculty sponsor. If a student is seeking academic credit, they are referred back to their academic department for appropriate approvals and academic assignments. 

Step one is to post an internship on Handshake. Questions can also be addressed to our Industry Outreach Specialists.

Hire an Intern

What does it offer my company?

If you are a public or private non-profit organization and classified by the Internal Revenue Service as tax-exempt, this program may be for you. The Federal Work-Study Program is a fabulous way to stretch your dollars. It is one component of funds granted by the Federal Government to aid individuals in financial need to achieve a college education. The funds under the Federal Work-Study Program assist employers by paying a portion of the qualified students' hourly wage. Depending upon the nature of the job, once approved, the portion paid will range from 50% to 100% in the case of America Reads and America Counts programs. 

How do I know if I qualify?

Off-Campus Federal Work-Study Employers

In order to participate in the Federal Work-Study program, the organization must complete an online Agreement Form. These documents must be approved by UCR prior to posting Federal Work-Study positions on Handshake. The Federal Work-Study agreement must be completed each academic year even if there has been prior participation. 

To learn more about the process of becoming an approved federal work-study employer, visit our Work-study webpage

To get started and request a contract, connect with us at

On-Campus Federal Work-Study Employers

UCR Departments may submit Job Postings using Handshake online. 

New job postings are required each year. Students must submit a Federal Work-Study Eligibility Notification Form each academic year even if they are returning to the same position. 

Important dates and deadlines

August 23, 2021 Work-Study positions and Federal Work-Study Eligibility Notification Forms are viewable to students
August 23, 2021 Students may begin to apply for Work-Study positions
September 19, 2021 Students may begin to work using Work-Study
December 23-31, 2021 Students are eligible to work up to 39 hours
March 21-25, 2022 Students are eligible to work up to 39 hours
June 10, 2022 Last day students may use Work-Study
June 11-August 22, 2022 Students are not eligible to use Work-Study award

Hire a Federal Work-Study Student

Community Service and Volunteerism – Need a Helping Hand?

UCR students are high achievers and pride themselves in learning about the most cutting edge theories and practices in the academic classroom.  But UCR students are not only about academics; they also pride themselves in being socially responsible.

The policy or practice of volunteering one's time or talents for charitable, educational, or other worthwhile activities, especially in one's community, is in their heart.  Community service and/or volunteerism serve as a core mission of many student organizations on campus. Other students get involved independently.

Are you a non-profit organization looking for volunteers?  Or a for-profit company that is also committed to social responsibility?  Here are a few ways you may want to consider partnering with UCR students.

  • If you need a helping hand for an upcoming event, post your community service position on our free job posting board, UCR Handshake, exclusively for UCR students.
  • If you have a longer term project that can be classified as an internship, connect  with our team at  
  • Familiarize yourself with our Federal Work-Study Program, exclusively for non-profit organizations, as a way to stretch your dollars!
  • Consider connecting directly with one of these student organizations  to solicit volunteers.
  • Contact The WELL to discuss your volunteer projects and find out how student organizations may be available to help promote and plan your events.
  • Undergraduate Research in the Community (UGRC) works with students, off-campus organizations, and faculty to develop research projects in the community. 

Our students can bring energy, insight and passion to your organization's cause!