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Campus Interview Program

Virtual "Campus" Interviews

Campus Interviews Save Time, Project Your Brand

The Campus Interview Program enables you to interview a schedule of highly-qualified UC Riverside students in an efficient manner either virtually or in-person, while you promote your brand on the UC Riverside campus.

The Career Center provides an easy-to-use scheduling platform, promotion of your job opportunities, as well as assistance in setting up a schedule of interviews according to your needs. Choose from Preselect or Open template options for both virtual or campus interviews. Fees apply for on-campus interview options (read more). 

Schedule a Date for Interviews


  • Schedule Campus Interviews

    Campus Interviews are scheduled during fall, winter and spring quarters. Available dates for the academic year can be viewed below. Employer information sessions may be arranged in advance to support virtual “campus” interviews. 

    Fall 2022:  September 19 - December 1   
    Winter 2023:  January 17 – March 9  
    Spring 2023: 
     April 4 – June 1  

  • Interview schedules

    Pre-select and Open Interview templates available include: 

    • Full Day, 30 Minute Schedule  
      • 15 slots, 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM with 2,15 min breaks and lunch  
    • Half Day, 30 Minute Schedule
      • 8 slots, 8:30 AM – 12:45 PM with 15 min break  
    • Full Day, 60 Minute Schedule  
      • 6 slots, 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM with lunch  
    • Half Day, 60 Minute Schedule 
      • 3 slots, 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM 

    Your schedule will be finalized with the names and resumes of students you will be interviewing approximately three working days before the interviews.  

  • Open schedules

    Open schedules are available to all eligible students that meet the requirements of your job listing. Students must submit an online resume and sign-up for a specific time slot.

  • Pre-selected schedules

    Pre-select schedules are limited to students meeting the job listing requirements and are pre-selected for an interview by the employer. Students submit an online resume that is reviewed by the employer in advance. Employers then "pre-select" those students and request that they sign up for interview times. Those students pre-selected to interview will be notified by the Career Center and will be asked to sign up for an interview time by the deadline. Students are informed that pre-selection by an employer does not guarantee an interview time if the student fails to meet the sign-up deadline. 

  • Cancellation policy

    Once students have been selected, Employers are responsible to honor scheduled interviews. However, if an emergency forces a last-minute cancellation or a need for rescheduling, we ask that employers contact the Career Center at and the affected students immediately. 

  • Job offer guidelines

    The UC Riverside Career Center endeavors to support employers in their recruitment goals as well as our students in making educated career decisions. As such, we encourage all employers to follow the Employer Job Offer Guidelines and recruit in alignment with the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) Principles of Professional Practice. The following guidelines were developed with the goal of providing both students and employers a fair and transparent framework for managing the offer phase of the recruitment process. 

    Timing for Offers and Decisions

    Students need time to make informed decisions when comparing and responding to offers. To accommodate that need, the UC Riverside Career Center asks that employers provide a minimum of two weeks to consider an offer, although a longer period is preferred. Please note that UC Riverside operates on a quarter system, meaning that the academic year does not begin until late September/early October. For Fall 2022, In order to allow students to make an informed decision, employers who are offering summer interns or a full-time position should give the student until October 28, 2022, to make a decision. If a student requests more time to consider an offer, we strongly encourage you to accommodate whenever possible. 

    Full Disclosure

    All offer letters should include the following: start date, salary, benefits, bonuses, and a deadline for accepting or rejecting the offer. If the compensation structure is partly or fully based on commission, employers are encouraged to provide an accurate estimate of first year earnings expectations. All bonuses or incentives should remain in effect throughout the entire offer period. Candidates should not be expected to accept an offer before receiving a written letter. 

    Exploding Offers/Excessive Pressure

    The UC Riverside Career Center supports NACE’s offer guidelines, which state that employers should ensure that offer deadlines are not placing undue pressure on the applicant or making an exploding offer. The UC Riverside Career Center defines an exploding offer as any offer that does not conform with the offer guidelines listed above. Employers are advised to not make offers or pressure students to accept “early” offers or to accept an offer on the spot, which is deemed inappropriate. Early offers may include those with incentives involving diminishing bonuses, reduced location preferences, etc. 

    Rescinding/Reneging Offers

    In alignment with NACE recommendations, the UC Riverside Career Center strongly encourages employers to consider every alternative before rescinding an employment offer. If the employer cannot avoid rescinding an employment offer, they should carefully review the NACE Recommendations for Employers issued within their position statement. As a courtesy, please notify the UC Riverside Career Center to explore alternatives and share the circumstances. 

    The UC Riverside Career Center makes every effort to educate our students about the consequences of reneging an offer of employment. We understand the serious impact that this has on your recruiting goals. 

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