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Navigating the Onboarding Process

Congratulations! You have successfully recruited your new student employee! You may now proceed with your department admin to begin the onboarding process. However, if you are hiring a Work-Study or LAEP student, you will want to be mindful of some important steps in order to complete the onboarding process and begin utilizing the Work-Study funding. 

Student Onboarding

In order for a Work-Study or LAEP student to confirm their eligibility, they should provide you with their Work-Study Eligibility Notification Form at  The student will need to initiate the hiring process by completing the Work-Study New Hire Form which will kick-off the Student Employment Contract via DocuSign. This will be sent to both the student and supervisor for e-signature.  The student's Work-Study Eligibility Notification Form along with the approved Handshake job posting will need to be uploaded along with their Student Employment Contract to be approved.  

After Financial Aid completes the Student Employment Contract. This process can take up to 3 weeks. 

 A Letter of Clearance will be sent to the student and supervisor notifying when the student may begin working. 

Supervisors should notify their department admin to finish onboarding your students using the correct Position Pool ID to ensure that the appropriate Work-Study or LAEP splits are applied to your student's wages. Please reference the job posting for the correct classification code. (ie. LAEP – R, Federal Work-study – F, Community Service – C).

Off-Campus Supervisor Onboarding

Approved Work-Study off-campus supervisors now need to complete an onboarding process in order to approve student timesheets in UCR Time and Attendance Reporting System (TARS). This step will take place after the agreement has been completed and signed. 

Non-profits can select 2 Supervisors for their entire site and should indicate this on their Intent to Participate Form. School Districts will identify 2 supervisors for each school site through the Exhibit B form after the agreement is signed. One will be the primary approver, and another will be the secondary approver as a backup. 

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Questions on the Onboarding Process? Contact Financial Aid at  

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