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Career Fairs

Features of the Handshake Virtual Fair

In order to have a successful time at the virtual career fair, it’s good for you to get familiar with the new features. During the fair, you will be able to join group sessions with employers or sign-up for a 1:1 (10 minute) session with them.

1. Register in advance for sessions

In Handshake, review the participating Employer list and register in advance for 1:1 and group sessions (day-of sign-ups are possible, but some employer schedules may be full). 

2. What you need to know about 1:1 and Group sessions  

  • Currently, students can attend only ONE 1:1 session per employer in a virtual career fair (there is no limit to group session attendance) 
  • Students can sign up for a 1:1 or group session up to 1 minute before the session start time 
  • Students who have already signed up for 1:1 and group sessions can join those sessions at any time  
  • Handshake Group sessions with more than 15 participants automatically disable student audio and video to preserve session quality (providing a live presenter/s webinar with live chat experience) 
  • Employers can mute or remove participants from a session, and once removed they can't rejoin 

Connecting to the virtual career fair 

We are excited that you will be taking part in a virtual UC Riverside Career Fair! We want you to be successful and prepared. Our fall fairs will all be held virtually via Handshake. Students can learn about employers and share their profiles in intimate group sessions or get 1:1 face time with recruiters—all from their browser or Handshake’s mobile app.  

These are the things you’ll want to do ahead of time to set yourself up for success. 
1. Register ahead of time 
You’re going to want to register beforehand via Handshake. Not only will this prevent any last-minute hiccups before the career fair, but it will allow you to get a glimpse at the employers participating in the fair.  

2. Update your profile  
Employers can set certain qualifications for 1:1 sessions. If your profile is not complete, you may not see all sessions available to you. To maximize opportunities, ensure your GPA is visible (uncheck "hide from employers" in your profile) and work authorization status is updated (in settings and privacy). Make sure your most updated resume is attached to your profile. You can share your resume with employers ahead of time too!

3. Change your profile setting  
Set your Handshake profile privacy to “Community” which allows you to schedule 1:1 and group sessions. This setting will allow you to attend both 1:1 and group sessions. 

4. Make your resume visible  
Resumes play a vital role in providing an opportunity for employers to access a student's professional experience. For this reason, update your most recent resume and make it visible on Handshake. You can do this by going to “Documents” and clicking “Visible” next to your resume.   

Helpful Resources

  • Profile Privacy Settings in Handshake - LINK  
  • Review Handshake's Student Guide to Attending a Virtual Fair - LINK 
  • Handshake's Video Requirements & Troubleshooting for Students - LINK 
  • Test your setup in advancehttps://networktest.twilio.com 

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