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What is an Internship and How Will It Benefit Your Future Career?

Internships offer learning experiences outside of the classroom to enhance your academic and career goals. They help with exploring a possible career path where you can network and connect with the professional work world.

Additional Job Sites

You can gain valuable exposure to different workplaces where opportunity and growth will pave the way for your future job search. Whether your internship is paid or not, it may be eligible for academic credit.


How Do I Get Started?

For a full understanding of the Internship Program we suggest attending the "All About Internships" workshop. A  Virtual Workshop is also available if scheduling conflicts prevent you from attending. The workshop will include: the benefits of an internship, how to locate an internship using UCR Handshake and other resources, how to document your experience, how to receive academic credit if desired, and how to obtain evaluations or recommendations from internship employers. Also download the internship handout.

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