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Supervisor Role, Expectations, and Best Practices  

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As supervisors, you have a critical role in educating and mentoring students to enable their success on and off the job. The work completed by student employees helps them gain relevant skills and experience, while developing as professionals and other qualities important to their future endeavors. As a supervisor, you should be able to: 


  • Provide clear communication on expectations and work standards for your organization. 

  • Ensure your student employees have a proper workspace (if in-person) and equipment. 

  • Provide an initial orientation with ongoing training. 

  • Make every effort to keep your student employees motivated and engaged with meaningful and productive assignments. 

  • Create regular check-ins for updates, questions, and continuous learning through consistent feedback. 

  • Be committed to their professional growth by helping the student to develop a sense of professionalism and giving them opportunities to sharpen their skills. 

  • Requirements for the Work-Study/LAEP Supervisors
    • Supervise the student and permit reasonable supervision by a University representative 

    • Adhere to bona fide policy 

      • Student employees are not to be required to pay for any training or other job-related expenses or onboarding fees 
    • Review and approve timesheets through university Time and Reporting System (TARS) portal 

    • Monitor student hours 

      • Allow no student to work more than 19 hours per week over a quarter (term). 

      • Allow no student to work during student's class times. 

      • Allow student to not work more than 39 hours during winter and spring breaks. 

    • Reimburse the University between 25%-50% of the total compensation paid to students.  

      • Approved America Reads/Counts tutoring positions or LAEP positions will be funded 100% through Work-Study. 


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