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Graduate Students

Graduate Students

Find Your Professional Pathway with Our Help

UCR Master's and Doctoral students can schedule an appointment to meet with a Career Counselor and discuss career related topics including:

  • Job search strategies
  • Curriculum vitae, resume & cover letter writing
  • Interview preparation
  • Career pathway exploration and career decision making

Make an appointment by one of the following ways: scheduling an appointment through Handshake, calling our Career Center at 951-827-3631 or coming in and scheduling an appointment with our front desk team.

You can also visit the GradSuccess  Office at UOB 116 for additional resources and information. 

Graduate Student Association (GSA) Career Center Liaison Office Hours 

All graduate students are welcome to drop by for a 15 minute appointment with the GSA Career Center Liaison to learn about resources offered at the Career Center including: Overview of Career Counseling, Career Events and Workshops, Online Career Resources, Accessing Handshake.
When: Mondays from 11am - 12pm at the Career Center.  Sign-up must be done in person an begins at 8am the day of. First come - first serve!


Academia Pathway

Industry Pathway

  • Use the Imagine PhD tool.

    This is a free online tool that helps with exploration and planning specifically for Humanities and Social Science PhD students and postdoctoral scholars. The assessments focus on skills, interests and values and offers students the opportunity to review job families related to their results.

  • Use MyIDP (Individual Development Plan) Science Careers

    MyIDP (Individual Development Plan) Science Careers

    This is a free exploratory tool great for Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) Masters and PhD students that helps explore career options and set goals to further identify careers paths. It includes assessments on skills, interests, values, scientific career paths, goal setting and resources guides. 

  • Use The Versatile PhD tool.
    Take Advantage of The Versatile PhD Tool

    The Versatile PhD tool is a resource for graduate students in STEM and humanities & social science who are searching for nonacademic careers.

    Log in to The Versatile PhD site to:

    • Read first-person narratives written by PhDs and ABDs who have established nonacademic careers, describing how they did it and sharing their advice from experience
    • See authentic, successful resumes and cover letters that got a humanist, social scientist or STEM professionals their first nonacademic job
    • Join a supportive online community where you can dialogue with other "Versatile PhDs" in and outside the academy.
    • Completely confidential. No one at any university will know you are using this website unless you tell them. Not your advisor, not your peers - nobody.


  • Register for the Graduate Career Consortium's PhD & Master's Virtual Career Expo

    Please note: This is an annual event that gets updated each year. If the event has passed, please stay tuned for more details. Feel free to contact the Career Center for updated information at 951-827-3631.

    Register for the Virtual Career Expo for Masters & PhD Students - Coming Soon!

    The expo will take place online between the hours of 9am – 7pm Eastern Time and graduate students will be able to network with employers who are hiring full-time, postdoctoral and internship opportunities. There is also information on which companies sponsor work visas for our international students. Please find below some supportive materials to help students prepare for the expo!

    Student Video on Expo Benefits 

    FAQ Website Page

    Check out the list of employers who have attended last year's event here

    Register Now

  • Resources and Job Search Sites.
    Search for Industry Jobs
    • UCR Handshake - Jobs and internships for UCR students
    • Idealist - Home to nonprofits and NGOs in every state and country
    • USAjobs - Federal government job listings.  The largest employer of people with graduate degrees
    • SoCalHerc - Industry jobs at Southern California colleges and universities
    • PSE-NET - A collection of major governmental job sites: state, federal and international
    • Biotech Career Center - A complete listing of all Southern California Biotech Companies
    • SoCalTech- Primarily Southern California with links to some national and international listings

    Informational Resources:

    Click here for an extensive  list of resources that will assist you in your industry job search.  

  • Resume, Cover Letter Writing

    Coming Soon!

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