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Other Internship Listings

Other Internship Listings

A Wealth of Annotated Links to Internship Listings

After you have looked at UCR Handshake here are additional internship listing sites to consider.  The links are grouped by field of study or major except for the “All Disciplines” category at the beginning.


  • All Disciplines 
    Search by area of interest 
    Internship & Company Research
    LinkedIn's internship search tool 
    Internships with companies 
    Search by interest and geographic area
    Search for local internships in Riverside 
    Search by preference and geographic location 
    A dedicated online internship database for students across the country 
    Very good source for all disciplines 
    Search by interest
    Positions in Sacramento 
    Corporate Scholars Program
    (Opportunities in the White House)

  • Biology, Botany, and Chemistry 
    American Association for the Advancement of Science 
    Sloan Career Cornerstone Center
    Opportunities with AT&T for Women and Minorities in Science 
    Science Careers Web 
    U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service 
    American Chemical Society (search for internships) 
    Chemistry Internet Resource for Research by Undergraduate Students 
    U.S. National Arboreteum 
    Jobs in Horticulture 
    The Botanical Society of America Career Center 
    The Salk Institute of Biological Studies

  • Biomedical Research and Pre-Health
    U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention
    Clinical Care Extender Program 
    International Service Learning (Pre-Health Program) 
    Health Career Connection
    Planned Parenthood
    RIT's comprehensive list of Pre-Medical opportunities
    UCLA's Dental Clinic Volunteer Program
    City of Hope Beckman Research Institute 
    American Zoo & Aquarium Association 
    Loma Linda University Medical Center 
    Unite for Sight
    The Scripps Research Institute's Student Program

  • Biotechnology 
    Look in the Biotech Beach hotbed for information about biotech companies in Southern California. Also check out the job fairs! 
    Search the membership directory for biotech companies and their Websites 
    Internships posted by the San Diego Biotechnology Education Consortium 
    Lists of nationwide biotech internships

  • Business 
    (Search by industry or state) 
    (InRoads - Business & Industry)
    (Exclusive MBA listings - career and internship)

  • Computer Science and Engineering
    (Search by state) 
    (Internships, contract and full-time computer/IT jobs with links to job resources) 
    (Tech positions only) 
    (Technical internships in the U.S.) 
    Engineering internships by location 
    Lists of national entry-level positions and internships in a wide range of engineering fields.
    Washington Internships for Students of Engineering
    LinkedIn Engineer Internship Listings

  • Earth and Environmental Sciences 
    Environmental Careers Organization 
    The Student Conservation Association 
    Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy 
    Sloan Career Cornerstone Center 
    The Preservationists' Resource 
    Internships in Geography 
    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency 
    U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service 
    California Association of Environmental Professionals 
    Science Careers Web (Geosciences Section)

  • Entertainment Industry
    Online job board for internships and jobs in the entertainment industry

  • International

    See international listings here

  • Internships 
    Public service information, volunteer jobs, and internship opportunities of 14,000 non-profit or community organizations in 25 countries. 
    Serves over 1,000 individuals each year from the United States, Germany, France, People's Republic of China, India, and many other nations around the globe in a wide variety of internship, research, fact-finding and work-study programs. By
    Large internships and entry-level positions site.

  • Law/Public Policy 
    (The legal career resource)
    Positions in Sacramento 
    (The UCR Washington Center Program) 
    (The largest collection of active legal jobs in the world) 
    (Where legal professionals and employers meet) 
    (Job postings from the owners of 
    (The most trusted name in career information) 
    (Specialized legal staffing) 
    (The on-line source for internships) 
    (Helping you make smarter career decisions)

  • Math, Physics, and Statistics 
    Sloan Career Cornerstone Center
    Science Careers Web (Math Section) 
    Actuarial Information and Internships 
    American Institute of Physics 
    Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics 
    American Mathematical Society 
    American Statistical Association 
    NASA Opportunities for College/Graduate Students
    U.S. Department of Energy internship opportunities

  • Museum

    (Opportunities at the Getty) 
    (Museum Resource Board)

  • Other Areas
    (Listings for parks, camps and resorts)
    (Listings for education industry)
    (Magazine Internships) 
    (Internships in television broadcasting)

  • Washington and Foreign Policy 
    (The UCR Washington Center Program) 
    (Atlantic Council of the United States, promotes the effectiveness of US Foreign Policy) 
    (American Foreign Policy Council) 
    (Congress at your fingertips) 
    (Public Policy, Politics, Economics and International Relations, Business and Journalism)
    (Comprehensive site for positions within the federal government)
    (Foreign Policy Agencies for non-UCDC participants. This is an inclusive program that offers housing 
    (International Law Institute offers internships in the areas of: international legal and economic issues, development, administration, marketing and accounting)

    (Opportunities in the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts) 
    (International Environmental and Development Internships in Washington, DC) 
    (Internships in the Senate) 
    (Smithsonian Institute) 
    (State Department Internship Listings: Students interested in this area should realize that they do have strict deadlines that must be followed, along with an extensive background check that could take up to 4 months. If you are interested, please start the process early) 
    (Positions through The Washington Center for non-UCDC participants. This is an inclusive program that offers housing),undergraduates
    (Institute for Humane Studies)
    (Internships and entry-level jobs with the Washington Post)

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