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Student Jobs

Student Jobs

Where To Look For Jobs & Internships

This section will provide you with essential information on where to locate job listings. You will find information regarding career information, job posting websites, internship listings, Work-Study positions, on-campus interviewing program, and other job search tools.

What is UCR Handshake?

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UCR Handshake is a platform where you start your job search.  It is a portal for employers who are interested in recruiting UCR students to post jobs, internship and other opportunities. You can search for full-time, part-time, internship and summer jobs at the Career Center, from your home or from any place that has an Internet connection. Additionally you have access to Nacelink, a nationwide job database with more than 25,000 job postings each year. (Please note that Alumni are charged a small fee to continue using UCR Handshake services.)

You can login to UCR Handshake by clicking on the student login under the logo available on any page in the website. 

In addition to job listings information you are going to want to take advantage of services in our other sections to get your winning job: Career Fairs / WorkshopsEssential Job Search Skills. Get to know your Career Center. A little time will reward your effort with years of satisfaction on the career front.  

  • How do I use UCR Handshake?

    Simply log in to Handshake to build your profile and start searching for your next job or internship.

  • How do I get the job I really want?

    Getting the job is all about fit. Finding the place where your unique talents and education and drive all combine for the perfect fit. That takes work, time and systematic effort. Self-knowledge is critically important. What are your strengths? What are your limitations? What do you really like doing? Exploring yourself can be the first step to finding the job you want.

    One final question. Are you persistent? It’s rare for people to get immediate results and being turned down is always part of finding a job. Keep trying and you will reach your goals.

  • Discover goals and resources

    Familiarize yourself with the Career Center. Explore all of your options in various career paths. Check out all you can do online. Guess what? You’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg when it come to the tools and services available for UCR students. Career fairs, workshops, career evaluation guides, counseling, resume training, interview practice... check it out.

  • What do I want to do?

    Before launching your search, ask yourself, "What do I want to do?" Whether you have an answer to this question or not, stop by during Drop-in Hours and talk to a career counselor. We’ve got lots of ways to help you create a plan of action that will organize your job search.

    This section of the UCR Career Center Website is designed to help you plan and organize a successful job search.

  • Take an inventory of yourself

    How’s that resume? Was it copied from your best friend’s or downloaded from resumes-r-us.com? We can help with that. How about your interview skills? Have you been taking tips from your roommate whose last job was in middle school? Should you be hours early or fashionably late? Dark suit or you favorite jeans and flip-flops? We can help you steer the right path between too much confidence and too little, between too formal and too relaxed — what we will help you do, really, is to be yourself. Show your genuine skills, ease and confidence. You are the answer to their employee search

    Use this website to address your growth edges and take your game to the next level. Don’t wait until the last minute. There are things you can begin doing as early as your freshman year to create an advantage when you finally start looking for a career position.

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