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CHASS Sophomore

Sophomore: Fall

Attend the Second Year Career Plan Workshop and stay connected throughout the year with a career counselor.

Update resume.

  • College experiences should start to take the place of high school experiences on your resume.
  • Include experiences such as: volunteer work, clubs and organizations, part-time work, class projects, internships, etc.

Explore majors/careers.

Take on a leadership role in a student organization.

  • Turn your member title into a specific role to gain more responsibility.

Research internships. (Start early!)

  • Internships are a great way to try out a company or career. Attend our Finding An Internship Workshop.
  • Many structured, summer internship programs have application deadlines in winter quarter. Take note of deadlines.

Optional: Apply for the Education Abroad Program.

  • Ever thought about living and studying in a foreign country? The Education Abroad Program (EAOP) provides access to vast sources of knowledge and exciting field study options in a wide variety of cultural, social and political environments. Studying abroad will give you the skills and awareness necessary for living in a globally interdependent and culturally diverse world.

Sophomore: Winter

Continue to apply to internships.

  • Check out Jobs section and CareerShift (in Resources) via UCR Handshake for internship opportunities.

Stay involved on campus as a leader.

  • Volunteer to coordinate a project or committee.

Practice interviewing.

Sophomore: Spring

Declare a major (if undeclared).

Apply for internships.

  • Internship positions are still available for summer! 
  • Check out Jobs section and CareerShift (in Resources) via UCR Handshake for internship opportunities.

Practice networking.

  • Attend a Networking Your Way to A Job workshop.
  • Attend our Mastering LinkedIn workshop to start learning how to leverage a LinkedIn account.
  • Learn more about our workshops.

Search for research opportunities.

Take a career assessment.

  • Schedule an appointment with a career counselor to discuss assessment tools that can help you find majors and careers that fit your personality type, interests and work values.

Sophomore: Summer

Gain experience.

  • Capitalize on opportunities, paid or unpaid, that help you explore fields of interest (summer internships, research opportunities, volunteer work, part-time job, etc.).

Conduct informational interviews.

  • Meet with professionals in your field of interest and ask questions about their jobs.

Create a LinkedIn profile.

Set goals.

  • What career do you want to pursue? What combination of education, skills and experience will it take to get there? Do you need to go to graduate school? Set goals with the answers to these questions in mind.

Research graduate/professional schools. (Graduate School Track)

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