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**Reminder: Effective 1/1/22, CA minimum wage has increased to $15 per hour for employers with 26 or more employees, and $14 per hour for employers with 25 or fewer employees** Read more HERE. 

Federal Work-Study At UC Riverside

The Federal Work-Study Program is one component of funds granted by the Federal Government to aid individuals with financial need in achieving a college education. Federal Work-Study assists employers by paying a portion of a qualified student's wages with the employer paying the remaining balance.

The UC Riverside Financial Aid Office determines the percentage split each year. 

To qualify for the program, an employer must be a public or private nonprofit organization, submit an agreement, and be approved by the Financial Aid Office. Employers are encouraged to develop Work-Study positions that will provide students with meaningful learning experiences and help meet their educational or career goals, without displacing or replacing regular employees. 

The Federal Work-Study Program is available from September to June. Students are eligible for the program based on financial need and are permitted to work up to 19 hours per week during school sessions or up to 39 hours per week during any full week when classes are not in session. In the event a student depletes his or her award, the employer may terminate the student employee, or assume 100% of the hourly wage thereafter.

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  • On-campus employers

    For the 2021-22 academic year, the Federal Work-Study program split will now be 65% work-study and 35% department funds.  The split for work-study categorized as "community service" will remain the same, 75% work-study and 25% department. 

    • For On-Campus Work-Study positions, UCR departments need to submit their job postings using UCR Handshake to meet federal guidelines for the program. New job postings are required each year. 

    • Rehiring your work-study student for this year? Please be advised of the new Work-study process.
    1. Please post your position on Handshake and include Reserved in the Job Title as well as Work-Study to indicate this position will not go live to students because you already have a student in mind to hire. 
    2. Students must download their Federal Work-Study Eligibility Notification each academic year even if they are returning to the same position. Please refer students to these instructions to begin the process. 
    3. Once their Work-study allocation has been verified, students will need to initiate the hiring process by completing the Work-Study New Hire Form which will send an employment contract to the supervisor and student for e-signatures.
    4. The supervisor will have to be the one to upload the Job description from Handshake to this employment contract since the student will not be able to view the position. You, the Campus Department, must download the job posting for the Student Employment Contract. To convert your job posting to a PDF select Print and Save as PDF. 
    5. Once this is complete, Financial Aid will confirm when work-study has been set up for this student. They will not be able to begin working using their work-study funds until September 19, 2021. 
    6. Questions about on-boarding and timesheets should be referred to your department hiring manager and/or Financial Aid Office.
  • Off-campus employers

    In order to participate in the Federal Work-Study Program, the organization must submit a Federal Work-study Agreement Form. Due to COVID, we have moved to a digital process via DocuSign to allow for a smoother and faster processing time. All documents must be approved by UCR prior to posting Work-Study positions online. Additional documents will be sent once the university has approved the agreement. The Federal Work-Study Agreement must be completed each academic year even if there has been prior participation. To receive an invitation packet, email  

  • Important dates and deadlines

    The Federal Work-Study Program runs during the academic year and does not cover summer months. The 2021 - 2022 academic year begins September 19, 2021 and ends June 10, 2022. Contracts are accepted on a continuous basis but need to be renewed every academic year.

    August 23, 2021 Work-Study positions and Work-Study Eligibility Notifications are viewable to students
    August 23, 2021 Students may begin to apply for Work-Study positions
    September 19, 2021 Students may begin to work using Work-Study
    December 11-22, 2021 Students are eligible to work up to 39 hours
    March 21-25, 2022 Students are eligible to work up to 39 hours
    June 10, 2022 Last day students may use Work-Study
    June 11-September 18, 2022 Students are not eligible to use Work-Study award
  • Contact information

    Contact Financial Aid at if you have questions regarding payroll, student balance or appropriation.

    Contact the Career Center at if you have questions regarding the job posting and hiring process. 

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