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Work-Study FAQ

  • The Work-Study Allocation
    • No, your total award amount is for the whole year. It can be earned unevenly throughout the award year.


    • Contact Financial Aid at if your Work-Study funds are about to run out. You could potentially receive an increase based on funding availability. Once you earn all of your Work-Study funds, notify your supervisor immediately for guidance. If you exceed your award amount, your employer will be billed at 100%.


    • No, your Work-Study allocation does not carry over to the next year.


    • Typically, unused Work-Study funds are not offered in the future. However, due to COVID-19, students who accepted their work-study allocation in 2020-2021 will have the opportunity to roll over their unused allocation to 2021-2022. If the student did not accept their allocation in 2020-2021, they will need to submit a Revision Request through R’Web to have this carried over.  


    • Your total allocation amount includes the Work-Study dollar amount, but the Work-Study allocation will not reduce the direct charges you still owe to UCR for tuition and fees. You will earn your Work-Study award as soon as you begin working. You will receive a bi-weekly paycheck.


    • No, a bi-weekly paycheck will be issued as you work your Work-Study job.


    • You must find a job, get hired, and then work in that position to earn your Work-Study allocation. You will be paid bi-weekly.

  • Work Hours and Pay
    • Payday is bi-weekly, as indicated on the payroll calendar. On-Campus Jobs: Speak with your employer regarding procedures and deadlines. Off-Campus Jobs: You will receive instructions within your Letter of Clearance (LOC).


    • Visit to access the Time & Attendance Reporting System (TARS). How do I fill out my timesheet


    • Late timesheets will result in the employee being paid during the next payroll cycle.


    • You are allowed to work up to 19 hours per week.


    • You can use your Work-Study funds between the first day of fall quarter (September 19, 2021) through the last day of spring quarter (June 10, 2022). Work-Study funds are not available during the summer.  


    • You are free to spend your earnings as you wish.


    • Both you and your immediate supervisor (employer) are responsible for tracking the hours worked, and for submitting your timesheets in a timely manner.


    • To determine your tax obligations (if any), visit

  • Work-Study Jobs
    • Work-study positions will be available to view on Handshake by August 22, 2022.  


    • Work-Study funds must be used between September 19, 2022 and June 9, 2023. Work-Study funds are not available during the summer.  


    • No, you are responsible for applying for and securing a Work-Study job. UCR does not place students in jobs. The Career Center is available to support you in your job search. Visit the Career Center website to learn how to set-up an appointment. 

    • All open positions are listed On UCR Handshake.


    • A Federal Work-Study Eligibility Notification is used to “register” you for Work-Study. You can access this form either through or within the job description within UCR Handshake. You will need this form for the interview so your employer can verify your eligibility. One Eligibility Notification must be completed and submitted to Financial Aid for each position you obtain.   


    • If this is an on-campus work-study position, you will not need a Letter of Clearance. However, you will still need to fill out the Work-Study New Hire form. These forms can also be found on the Career Center or Financial Aid website. This form will automatically initiate a process to complete a Student Employment Contract through DocuSign. You will be asked to attach a copy of your job description found in Handshake and your Federal Work-Study Eligibility Notification. Once you’ve electronically signed this employment contract, your supervisor will be notified to complete their portion. For off-campus work-study positions, the Letter of Clearance is the final step of the process. You will still go through the same process as detailed above and then await an email from the Financial Aid Office with the Letter of Clearance to inform you and your supervisor that you are ready to start working.  Your supervisor will determine your start date after receiving this email.  Feel free to refer to hiring process outlined in these instructions


    • Yes, each job description on UCR Handshake will provide details about the placement location.


    • You could potentially earn academic credit from your Work-Study job. The final determination is made by your academic department. To be considered, the job must be a meaningful learning experience, and it must be related to your coursework. For more information, visit Internships or connect with a Career Center counselor.


    • Begin your job search early by using UCR Handshake. Tailor your resume to the needs of a desired position. Before uploading it, bring your resume to the Career Center during Express Career Advising. Express Career Advising will be open for sign-ups the evening before and will close 15 minutes prior to the end of advising hours for that day. For updated hours and appointments, visit  


Contact the Career Center 
for help with:
  • Job search assistance
  • Help with Work-Study job application
  • Express Career Advising
Contact Financial Aid 
for help with:
  • Work-Study eligibility
  • Allocation adjustments
  • Letter of Clearance 

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