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Work-Study FAQ

  • The Work-Study Award
    • No, your total award amount is for the whole year. It can be earned unevenly throughout the award year.


    • Contact Financial Aid at (951) 827-3878 or if your Work-Study funds are about to run out. You could potentially receive an increase based on funding availability. Once you earn all of your Work-Study funds, notify your supervisor immediately for guidance. If you exceed your award amount, your employer will be billed at 100%.


    • No, your Work-Study award does not carry over to the next year.


    • If unused, the Work-Study award will be lost, and will not be offered in the future.


    • Your total award amount includes the Work-Study dollar amount, but the Work-Study award will not reduce the direct charges you still owe to UCR for tuition and fees. You will earn your Work-Study award as soon as you begin working.


    • No, a paycheck will be issued as you work your Work-Study job.


    • You must find a job, get hired, and then work in that position to earn your Work-Study award. You will be paid bi-weekly.

  • Work Hours and Pay
    • Payday is bi-weekly, as indicated on the payroll calendar. On-Campus Jobs: Speak with your employer regarding procedures and deadlines. Off-Campus Jobs: You will receive instructions during your Letter of Clearance (LOC) appointment.


    • Visit to access the Time & Attendance Reporting System (TARS).


    • Late timesheets will result in the employee being paid during the next payroll cycle.


    • You are allowed to work up to 20 hours per week.


    • You can use your Work-Study funds between the first day of fall quarter (September 19, 2016) through the last day of spring quarter (June 16, 2017). Work-Study funds are not available during the summer.


    • You are free to spend your earnings as you wish.


    • Both you and your immediate supervisor (employer) are responsible for tracking the hours worked, and for submitting your timesheets in a timely manner.


    • To determine your tax obligations (if any), visit

  • Work-Study Jobs
    • You may begin looking for a Work-Study position one week prior to the start of fall quarter.


    • Work-Study funds must be used between September 24,2018 and June 14, 2019. Work-Study funds are not available during the summer.


    • No, you are responsible for applying for and securing a Work-Study job. UCR does not place students in jobs.


    • All open positions are listed On UCR Handshake.


    • A Placement Form is used to “register” you for Work-Study. Visit UCR Handshake to print a Placement Form, and take it with you to the interview. One Placement Form must be completed and submitted to Financial Aid for each position you obtain.


    • A Letter of Clearance (LOC) is only required for off-campus jobs. Drop your completed Placement Form and job description in the HOSS drop box in the Student Services Building, or email as a PDF to  Business and Administrative Services (BAS) will contact you directly for a hiring appointment to complete your hiring paper work. The LOC will be emailed to your employer authorizing you to start working. This step can take up to 10 days.


    • Yes, each job description on UCR Handshake will provide details about the placement location.


    • You could potentially earn academic credit from your Work-Study job. The final determination is made by your academic department. To be considered, the job must be a meaningful learning experience, and it must be related to your coursework. For more information, visit Internships or connect with a Career Center counselor.


    • Begin your job search early by using UCR Handshake. Tailor your resume to the needs of a desired position. Before uploading it, bring your resume to the Career Center during Drop-in Hours: Monday-Thursday (10am-3pm) and Friday (10 am-12 pm). A counselor will offer suggestions to make it shine.


Contact the Career Center 
at (951) 827-3631 
for help with:

  • Job search assistance
  • Help with Work-Study job application
  • Drop-In counseling
Contact Financial Aid 
at (951) 827-3878 
for help with:

  • Work-Study eligibility
  • Award adjustments
  • Letter of Clearance appointments
  • Paycheck pick-up

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