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Senior: Fall

Attend the Senior Career Plan Workshop, Senior Success Series each quarter, and stay connected throughout the year with a career counselor.

Continue to participate in the Job Discovery Series and Social Networking Week each quarter.

Develop a targeted resume.

  • Tailor your resume to the company or industry you want to work for. Attend a Resume Writing Workshop and/or meet with a Career Counselor Call (951) 827-3631 for appointments.
  • Remember to include experience gained through big class projects, student organizations, research, volunteering, internships and part-time work.

Participate in our On-Campus Interviewing (OCI) Program. 

  • By interviewing with employers through OCI you are drastically reducing the competition for jobs.  From the UCR Handshake Homepage, select "Jobs" in the top navigation bar. Then click on the "On-Campus Interviews" tab.

Attend career fairs on campus.

Practice interview skills.

  • Meet with a career counselor for a mock interview appointment.

Complete graduate/professional school applications & Apply. (Graduate School Track)

  • Collect completed letters of recommendation, transcripts, final personal essay, etc. to prepare for submission.
  • Fall is also the time to re-take the GRE or LSAT if you are looking for a final chance to improve your score!

Senior: Winter


  • Keep your contacts updated on your job search. Ask for advice and guidance regarding openings…NOT A JOB!
  • Stay proactive using your LinkedIn profile in your job search.

Apply/interview for positions.

  • Remember to follow up with employers two weeks after applying to make sure they received your resume and/or application.

Senior: Spring

Continue to participate in our On-Campus Interview (OCI) Program.

  • Many employers interview students at the Career Center for full-time positions. From the UCR Handshake Homepage, select "Jobs" in the top navigation bar. Then click on the "On-Campus Interviews" tab.

Attend the Last Chance Job Fair and the Spring Job Fair.

  • This is your time to shine! Practice your introduction to employers, take plenty of copies of your resume and definitely research the participating employers BEFORE the event.
  • Visit our list of annual career fairs and select a specific fair to find the participating employers (Click on "See who's coming).

Submit your job acceptance and/or graduate school commitment letter.*

*(Graduate School Track)

Tell us your plans!

  • Complete your placement information in UCR Handshake so that we can tell administrators, the employer community and future UCR students about your accomplishments! (Career Center tab ➝ Resources ➝ internships placement form).

Senior: Summer

Begin your exciting career! 

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