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CHASS Freshman

Freshman: Fall

Visit the Career Center and meet with a counselor.

  • Explore the various resources that the Career Center has to offer. Visit with a career counselor during drop-in hours from 10 a.m.-3 p.m., Monday through Thursday, and 10 a.m.-noon on Fridays. Ask for an overview of services.
  • Make an appointment with a counselor to discuss selecting a major or to strategize your career plan. The Career Center is located in Career Center Plaza, next to Surge and UNLH.
  • Pick up the quarterly career calendar which lists workshops, career fairs and employer information sessions. 

Attend the Freshman Game Plan Workshop.

Explore Handshake.

  • Log in to UCR Handshake to create your profile, find job listings, print your work study placement form (if applicable), build your resume, research options and more.

Learn about on-campus resources.

Learn about student organizations.

  • Check out Highlander Link to explore student organizations that you can join.

Freshman: Winter

Draft resume.

Get involved!

Research summer opportunities.

  • Summer school, part-time jobs, and/or volunteering are all options. Check out Jobs section on UCR Handshake and CareerShift via Resource Section in Handshake.

Freshman: Spring

Resume and cover letter critique.

  • Get your resume and cover letter reviewed during drop-in hours at the Career Center.

Attend our "Choosing a Major" Workshop, if needed.

Take a career assessment.

  • Log in to UCR Handshake to access Focus 2 (via Resources section). This is a free assessment tool that provides information about careers and environments that fit your personality type, interests and work values. Schedule an appointment with a Career Counselor to review your results.

Finalize summer plans.

  • Summer school, part-time jobs, and/or volunteering are all options. Check out Jobs section on UCR Handshake and CareerShift via Resource Section in UCR Handshake.

Freshman: Summer

Gain experience.

  • Take on a part-time summer job or volunteer experience.
  • Add your experiences and skills to your resume.

Conduct informational interviews.

  • Meet with professionals in your field of interest and ask questions about their jobs.

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