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SCOTLink: Jobs, Information, Assessment and More!

Partnering with the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NCAE), the Career Center has developed a place for students to find jobs, store documents, register for interviews, get industry information and find out about themselves.  That place is SCOTLink.  

Need to find out a little bit about yourself? Try Focus2. It's a self-evaluation tool that will help you define who you are and find the kinds of jobs and career paths best suited to you. If you have never heard of the careers recommended by Focus2, use Glassdoor or Career Insider to learn about different industries and economic sectors. 

If you are serious about finding a great career, you can start with SCOTJobs. It's a list of jobs from companies who are looking specifically for UCR students and grads.  You can search from the comfort of your room 24/7 or better yet, create a few search agents to work while you are asleep.  If they turn up opportunities that match your interests, they will email you. 

For the well-organized job hunter (or someone who wants to be), try Career Shift.  Career Shift is a fully developed job search engine. It allows you to create strategic campaigns aimed at specific companies and recruiters. Its ability to access and use your LinkedIn account will enhance your network and deliver great details about the companies you are considering.

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