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A chance for UCR students to win prizes by submitting an entry describing an awesome internship experience!

a) UCR students in all class levels and majors are encouraged to share their internship experience with the campus community starting Feb. 6th to Apr. 7th.

b) View other entries and vote for your favorites by liking the UCR WINternships! page at www.facebook.com/UCRiversideWINternships



  The 2017 winning entries received…

  • 1st Place: Beats by Dr. Dre Wireless Over-the-Ear Headphones
  • 2nd Place: Google Home
  • 3rd Place: Fitbit Charge 2
  • Fan Favorite: Samsung Virtual Reality Goggles

Contest Entry Guidelines 

Address the prompt “How did your internship impact your career goals?” with ONE of the following: 

  • A digital photo and essay (300 word maximum)  
  •  1-2 minute video with voiceover

Keep in mind...

  • Creativity counts
  • Photos and videos should illustrate your internship experience
  • Inappropriate submissions will not be accepted
  • Make sure you mention the name of the company/organization where you interned
  • We reserve the right to make minor additions to each submission


  • Registered UCR student graduating June 2017 or later 
  • Held an internship for at least 10 weeks between March 2016 and March 2017
  • To qualify, the internship must be documented with the Career Center with either:

            1. 198-I Form (if for academic credit

            2. Learning Agreement  (if not for academic credit)

Submission Instructions 

Step1: Complete the Learning Agreement (no credit) and submit it to the Career Center. (If you already have a 198-I form on file with the Career Center, you do not need to complete a Learning Agreement.)

Step 2: Email your contest entry to UCRwinternships@gmail.com between Monday, February 6th to Friday, April 7, 2017.

From: Your UCR email address

Subject: WINternships: The title of your entry (think this through – it will be considered during the voting process)

Body:  Copy and paste these items and type your responses into the body of your email:

Full Name:
Student ID #:
Phone #:
Class Level:
Graduation Date:
Dates of Internship: 

Attachments: Photo and written entry OR 1-2 minute video

By submitting this email to UCRwitnernships@gmail.com, I give the UC Riverside Career Center permission to post my submission online at http://careers.ucr.edu and http://facebook.com.

Need Ideas? 

Be sure to address the prompt while still including information that makes it personal and fun, such as… 

  • Did you get to work with amazing people?  Maybe with someone inspirational, powerful, famous, or maybe you just had awesome co-workers!
  • Did you get any special opportunities, incentives, or prizes as part of your internship?  These might include free tickets, behind the scenes sneak peeks, field trips, networking events, etc.
  • Did you intern in a cool place?  Perhaps with a high-profile employer or in an exciting city or foreign country?
  • What kinds of interesting projects or assignments did you work on?  Did your efforts make an impact you’re proud of?

Voting Process 

Students can vote online!  Join our Facebook group at http://on.fb.me/ucrwinternship .  Vote for your favorites by "liking" them.

Facebook votes will account for 25% of the final score. 

The other 75% will be determined by a committee of employers, faculty, and staff. They will score student entries in the following 5 areas: Clearly Communicated (Verbally Or In Writing), Analysis / Reflection, Addresses Prompt, and Creativity.

Thank You To Our 2017 Sponsors

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2017 Winners 

1st Place: (Click Here To View Submission
Yujia (Candice) Niu, Press Play Button on Your Career
Big West Production/ESPN3
2nd Place: (Click Here To View Submssion
Bryant Glover, Strengthening My Passions
US Department of Commerce
3rd Place: (Click Here To View Submission
Danielle Connolly, Sorenson Engineering
Sorenson Engineering
Fan Favorite: (Click Here To View Submission
Yujia (Candice) Niu, Press Play Button on Your Career
Big West Prodcution/ESPN3

2016 Winners 

1st Place: (Click Here To View Submission
Raymond Leung, DREAMliner to Reality
United Technology Aerospace System
2nd Place: (Click Here To View Submssion
Tammy Schwinegruber, Value - Beyond the Monetary Perception
3rd Place: (Click Here To View Submission
Deja Darrington, Determining My Career Path
Fan Favorite: (Click Here To View Submission
Austin Claiborne, More Than A Game
ESPN 980

2015 Winners 

1st Place: (Click Here To View Submission
Moe Aung, In the Midst of Saving the World
fuels. Lawrence Berkeley National
2nd Place: (Click Here To View Submssion
Stacy Tam, My AUTO-Biography
Nevada Automotive Test Center
3rd Place: (Click Here To View Submission
Deepankar Gagneja, An Adventure At The White House
The White House
Fan Favorite: (Click Here To View Submission
Jaspery Goh, My Life At UCR
UCR Undergraduate Admissions

2014 Winners 

1st Place: (Click Here To View Submission)
Molly Daniels, Fingerprints in Space
Runner-Up: (Click Here To View Submssion)
Katrina Honer, After-Hours At The Museum
The Smithsonian Museum
Fan Favorite Award: (Click Here To View Submission)
Julie Truong, EnterThe Rise With Enterprise
Enterprise Rent-A-Car

2013 Winners 

1st Place: (Click Here To View Submission)  
Jessica Escareno, Empowerment Through Law Enforcement
Washington D.C. Metropolatin Police Department (MPD)
2nd Place: (Click Here To View Submssion)  
Armond Aivazyan, Providing Free Legal Services to Communities of Riverside
IELLA Legal Clinic
Committee’s Choice Award: (Click Here To View Submission)  
Justin Bautista, When Preparation Meets Opportunity
National Aeronautics and Space Adnministration (NASA) 

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