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Freshman: Fall

Locate the Career Center.

Get the quarterly career calendar.

Log in to Handshake.

  • Find job listings, build your profile/resume, research options and more by clicking here.

Learn about resources.

Freshman: Winter

 Draft resume.

Get involved! Consider joining a business-related student organization.

Research summer opportunities.


Freshman: Spring

Resume critiqued.

  • Get your resume reviewed during drop-in hours at the Career Center (Monday-Thursday, 10 a.m.-3 p.m., and Friday, 10 a.m.-noon).

Explore academic majors and meet with a pre-business advisor.

  • Review UCR majors, read the upper division course descriptions in the course catalog, and talk to upper division students and/or academic advisors in preferred majors.

Research summer opportunities and internships.

Freshman: Summer

Summer experience.

Informational interviews.

Set goals.

Sophomore: Fall

Attend the 2nd year Career Plan Workshop.

Update resume.

  • College experiences should start to take the place of high school experiences on your resume.

Explore majors/careers.

Internships Research.

Stay involved!

For ideas, check out student organizations and volunteering opportunities.

Sophomore: Winter

Apply for internships.

  • Many structured, summer internship programs have application deadlines in the winter quarter. Plan ahead! Explore the links below for opportunities and deadline details.

Try leadership.

  • Volunteer to coordinate a project or committee.

Practice interviewing.

Sophomore: Spring

Apply for internships.

  • Internship positions are still available. Check out opportunities in Handshake.

Apply to the Business Administration major.

Practice networking.

  • Attend a Networking Your Way to a Job or Mastering LinkedIn Workshop.
  • Stay active with your LinkedIn account and join groups and organizations related to your field of interest.

Attend the Last Chance Career Fair.

  • Employers will be on campus to discuss full-time, part-time and internship openings at the Last Chance Career Fair. Learn more.


Sophomore: Summer

Summer experience.

  • Capitalize on opportunities, paid or unpaid that will help you explore fields of interest.

Informational interviews.

Review & re-set goals.

Junior: Fall

Attend the 3rd Year Career Plan Plan Workshop.

Update resume.

  • Highlight related experience. No more high school info.

Research internships (summer internships could lead to a potential job offer after graduation)!

  • For academic credit, make sure to register for the 198I course in your major.
  • Use all of your resources (i.e. SCOTLink, career counselors, friends, family and professional associations) to target relevant internships.

Discuss career options.

Practice interview skills.

  • Attend an Interview Skills Workshop.
  • Make a mock interview appointment with a career counselor to practice.

Attend career fairs on campus.

MBA? MPAc? Law school? Graduate school? If you are considering graduate school, discuss your options with an advisor/counselor.

Junior: Winter

Apply for internships.


  • The top skill employers search for is communication. Practice public speaking and basic conversational skills.  Learn more about networking.

Target career options.

Junior: Spring

Apply for internships.

  • Didn’t find anything on Handshake? Try contacting companies directly. Check out Hoovers and the Book of Lists published by the business press for each county.

Discover On-Campus Interview (OCI) Program.

  • Employers interview UCR students at the Career Center for internship and full-time positions. Learn more.

Attend the Career Night Job Fair.

Attend the Last Chance Job Fair.

If you plan to apply to graduate school, you should take your GMAT, GRE, LSAT, etc. at the end of your junior year or beginning of your senior year.

  • For MPAc, make sure you fulfill CPA requirements.
  • Collect reference letters if you are considering grad school.

Junior: Summer

Gain experience.

  • Be curious about the job opportunities in your environment. What are the different positions available? What are the qualifications for those jobs? Try to get a full-time summer internship if possible.


Review and set goals.


Attend the Senior Career Plan Workshop and Senior Success Series each quarter.

Develop a targeted resume.

Participate in the On Campus Interview (OCI) Program.

  • By interviewing with employers through OCI you are drastically reducing the competition for jobs. Learn more.

Practice interview skills.

  • Make an appointment to practice mock interview with a career counselor.

If you plan to go to graduate school right after graduation, make sure you have taken the appropriate test (GMAT, GRE, LSAT, etc.) and start applying for admission.

Senior: Winter

NETWORK! (start junior year)

  • Keep your contacts updated on your job search. Ask for advice and guidance regarding openings…NOT A JOB!
  • Learn more about networking.

Apply/interview for positions.

  • Remember to follow up with employers to make sure they received your resume and/or application.

Senior: Spring

Participate in On-Campus Interviews (OCI).

  • Many employers interview students at the Career Center for full-time positions. Learn more.

Attend Career Night and the Last Chance Job Fair.

  • This is your time to shine! Practice your intro to employers, take plenty of copies of your resume and definitely research the participating employers BEFORE the event. Learn more.

Tell us your plans!

  • Complete your placement information in Handshake so that we can tell administrators, the employer community and future UCR students about your accomplishments! Go to "profile," then "placements."


Senior: Summer

Begin your exciting career!


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