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Botany majors study plants – all plants, from microscopic bacteria to giant sequoia trees.

If you are interested in plant breeding or agriculture, then a Plant Science major would be a good choice.

Representative Job Titles and Areas of Specialization

Agricultural Communications Specialist/Farm Journalist* Horticulturist
Horticulture Therapist Landscape Architect/Contractor
Agricultural Inspector * Naturalist *
Agricultural Product Salesperson * Nematologist
Agronomist Nursery Broker *
Arboretum Director Nursery Manager *
Arborist/Tree Surgeon Ornamentalist
Botanic Garden Director/Manager/Curator Park Ranger *
Botanist Phycologist
College Professor Plant Breeder
Conservationist * Plant Pathologist
Cooperative Extension Agent Plant Scientist
Environmental Educator * Research Technician/Assistant *
Farm Manager * Science Librarian
Floriculturist Seed Producer *
Florist * Seed Technologist *
Forester * Taxonomist
Garden Center Manager * Technical Writer/Editor *
Geneticist Turf Management Specialist *
Herbarium Director  
*See Training section

Nature of the Work

Typically, botanists and plant scientists conduct research, act as managers and administrators, and teach. They might also serve as consultants or inspectors, prepare technical publications or work in sales and service jobs for agricultural, seed and chemical companies.

Some become landscape contractors, floral brokers, nursery managers, florists and independent agricultural consultants.

Places of Employment

Colleges and universities Plant Quarantine Service
Agricultural experiment stations Regional laboratories
Non-profit research organizations U.S. Forest Service
and foundations Forest products laboratories
Corporations which produce agricultural U.S. Department of the Interior
and forest products U.S. Geological Survey
Fruit and vegetable growers Arboretums
Botanical gardens Offices of county agricultural commissioners
Federal, state and local parks Seed producers
U.S. Department of Agriculture Fermentation industry (including breweries)
Agricultural research centers Agricultural consulting firms
Medical plant research laboratories Retail and wholesale nurseries
Germplasm research laboratories Florists, floral brokerages


Check out the jobs with asterisks. They may be obtained with a bachelor's degree depending on the type of coursework you completed and experience you gained as an undergrad.

A Ph.D. is required for most teaching and research positions in colleges and universities, as well as for many positions in government and industry.

For further information and/or career counseling contact the UCR Career Center, (951) 827-3631.

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