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Neuroscience is the scientific study of the brain and nervous system, both healthy and diseased. A bachelor's degree in Neuroscience prepares you for advanced study leading to careers in the health professions, mental health, research and teaching.

Representative Job Titles and Areas of Specialization

Animal Behaviorist Neurophysiologist
Artificial Intelligence Researcher Occupational Therapist
Audiologist Pharmacist
Biochemist Pharmacologist
Cognitive Psychologist Physical Therapist
Computational Neuroscience Physician
Counselor/Therapist Physiological Psychologist
Developmental Psychologist Physiologist
Educational Psychologist Professor/Instructor/Lecturer/Teacher
Neuroanatomist Psychiatric Technician
Neurobiologist Psychiatrist
Neurochemist Psycholinguist
Neuroendocrinologist Psychologist
Neurologist Psychometrist
Neuropathologist Public Health
Neuropharmacology Research Associate/Assistant/Technician
  Speech Therapist

Nature of the Work

Neuroscience researchers work on a broad range of topics including: memory; human and animal behavior; learning; psychosomatic disorders; aging, and drug dependency.

Places of Employment

Biotechnology companies Mental health clinics
County and state departments of public health National institutes of health
Department of Defense National research centers
Genetic engineering companies Pharmaceutical firms
Hospitals Social service agencies
Medical research centers Universities and colleges
Medical supply and diagnostic firms Veterans administration


A bachelor's degree qualifies you for some entry-level jobs in Neuroscience depending on the type of courses you completed and experience you gained as an undergrad.

If you have a master's degree, some opportunities are available to work as a research associate.

Most of the jobs for Neuroscientists require a graduate degree or professional training beyond the bachelor's degree.

If you are planning on a career in research or teaching at a university, you will need a Ph.D.

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